Getting Started

To get started with creating mods for Unturned, certain tools need to be downloaded first. This article provides a walkthrough for downloading these tools.

Installing Unturned

Unturned must be downloaded in order to create and upload mods. The game can be downloaded from Steam.

Not only do the game files include tools necessary for creating custom content, but the game’s official assets can also be used as an example when creating your own items, objects, or other assets.

Installing Unity

Installing the Unity Editor is required for exporting custom content into the game. Most 2021.3 LTS version should be compatible; Unturned currently uses 2021.3.29f1. View Download Links

Once Unity is installed, a project can be created to house custom content. At this point, it is recommended to import Unturned’s provided Unity packages.

Unity Packages

Unturned provides multiple Unity packages with the base installation of the game. These packages include examples that can be referenced when creating custom content, and provide the tools necessary to export content from Unity.

These Unity packages are located in the .../Unturned/Extras/Sources directory, and are regularly updated alongside any major updates to the game.

  1. Open your Unity project.

  2. Select Assets > Import Package > Custom Package… from the toolbar.

  3. In the file browser, navigate to the .../Unturned/Extras/Sources directory.

  4. Import the Project.unitypackage file; importing the ExampleAssets.unitypackage file is optional.

When importing a Unity package, all of the items in the package will be installed by default. You may deselect any items that you do not want to import.


This package contains the bare-bones required to export custom content:


This package contains vanilla content examples, and several useful prefabs:

  • CoreMasterBundle directory has an example of each type of vanilla asset.

  • Game/Sources/Animations directory has all of the vanilla item animations.

  • Resources/Characters/Preview.prefab is helpful for previewing clothes.


Custom content should not be placed into the CoreMasterBundle directory. Instead, create a separate directory to house your custom content.

Other Tools

Modders will need a few more tools on hand to create custom content.

Text editors

A text editor (e.g., Notepad) or a code editor (e.g., Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code) is required to write the game data files used by assets. Code editors often include other useful tools, such as being able to search-and-replace content across multiple files at once.

We do not recommend using a word processor (e.g., Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, or WordPad). Such programs are not intended intended for writing plain text files, and it is easy to accidentally add unwanted characters when not used properly.

If you are unsure what you should use, Notepad comes installed on all Windows systems by default, and lacks any additional tools or features that (while helpful) may be confusing for an inexperienced user.

Image editing software

To create custom textures for your modded content – such as for new shirts or pants, materials for custom objects, or 2D effects – you will need an image editing software that supports transparency. Some free image editors include Paint.NET, GIMP, and Krita.


A 3D modeling tool such as Blender is required to create custom models (and animations). Blender is the same tool we use for Unturned, although it is not strictly required.