Crafting Blacklist Assets

Prevents specific items or blueprints from being used while crafting. They are hidden from the item quick actions menu and recipe list.

Type string: SDG.Unturned.CraftingBlacklistAsset

Input_Items array of Item Asset Pointers: Any blueprints consuming these items cannot be crafted. For example (blacklisted items are highlighted):

 3        // Orange Hoodie
 4        "GUID" "67c76cdf16024bf68b6e5d14d4c617ab"
 6        // Individual items can also be enclosed in brackets { }
 7        {
 8                // Eaglefire
 9                GUID b03d581a5c1a490f995f8deba57b0f17
10        }
12        // Jeans
13        dab78cc4d66645bfb8169be7c15cf876
14        55c69817a31448b685c7f788ec7d2d0c
15        bdae9d26ca704d729b2b0f34812d2a36
16        67a6ec52e4b24ffd89f75ceee0eb5179

Output_Items array of Item Asset Pointers: Any blueprints generating these items cannot be crafted.

Blueprints array: Prevent specific individual blueprints from being crafted. Each entry has an Item Asset Pointer and Blueprint index. For example, to prevent the Chef Hat from being salvaged:

                Item a6099002318e4d58b8e59d431bcf1b8a
                Blueprint 0

Allow_Core_Blueprints bool: Defaults to true. If false, blueprints from the vanilla/built-in items are not allowed.