Vector3 (or “3D vectors”) can either be parsed as a single value containing three floats (optionally surrounded by parenthesis), or from a dictionary with X, Y, and Z keys.

For example, all three of these would be valid 3D vectors:

Position 1, 2, 3
Offset (4, 5, 6)
        X 7
        Y 8
        Z 9

Legacy Parsing

Some older properties have support for the vector3 data type, but can alternatively be written using the legacy method of three separate float32 properties. Namely, the LOD_Center, LOD_Size, Explosion_Min_Force, Explosion_Max_Force, and Center_Of_Mass properties have support for both.

For example, this would be valid for an older property that supports the legacy format:

LOD_Size_X 0
LOD_Size_Y -12
LOD_Size_Z -1