Physics Material Assets

Work-in-progress feature to allow custom physics effects rather than hardcoding them.

The PhysicsMaterialAsset type associates gameplay properties and effects with custom Unity “physic” materials. For example if none of the built-in physics materials has appropriate effects for the surface of Mars, a custom Unity physics material named “MarsDirt” could be created. Then a physics material asset with UnityName set to “MarsDirt” and Fallback of 33650ff924b34f8d9c5a0fd97418cd3e (built-in gravel) could add custom effects for the Martian surfaces.

The PhysicsMaterialExtensionAsset type can be used to insert custom properties into built-in physics materials. For example if a custom laser gun should leave burn marks on the hit surface rather than bullet holes, an extension asset can set the Base property to a built-in physics material to add custom effects.


Type string: SDG.Unturned.PhysicsMaterialAsset or SDG.Unturned.PhysicsMaterialExtensionAsset

UnityName string or UnityNames string array: Names of Unity “physic” materials to associate with this asset. Not set by extension assets. Multiple names can be specified as an array because the old built-in physics materials had several variants for special cases that should now be handled by these assets.

Fallback Asset Pointer: Points to a different physics material asset. Fallbacks are used when a property is not set. For example the snow physics material does not have a bullet casing bounce audio clip, so the gravel fallback is used instead.

Base Asset Pointer: Points to a physics material asset to extend. Properties from the extension asset will be appended to the base asset.

AudioDefs dictionary: pairs of key/name and Master Bundle Pointer to OneShotAudioDefinition. For example the ParticleSystemCollisionAudio component MaterialPropertyName is referring to these keys. Official properties include:

  • BulletCasingBounce: used by vanilla non-shotgun particle collision audio.

  • BulletImpact: fired bullet hitting surface.

  • BipedLand: player landing on a surface after falling. Could be used for other two-legged characters (zombies) in the future.

  • FootstepWalk: individual non-sprinting footstep.

  • FootstepRun: individual sprinting footstep.

  • LegacyImpact: will probably be phased-out. Still used by vehicle bumper collision and as a fallback for melee impact.

  • MeleeImpact: melee attack hitting surface.

  • ShotgunShellBounce: used by vanilla shotgun particle collision audio.

IsArable bool: If true, crops can be planted on this material.

HasOil bool: If true, oil drills can be placed on this material. Note at the time of writing (2022-02-10) oil drills can only be placed on terrain materials.

Character_Friction_Mode enum (ImmediatelyResponsive, Custom): If custom the acceleration, deceleration, and max speed properties are used. Replacement for the hardcoded ice and slippery metal plate.

Character_Acceleration_Multiplier float: Default acceleration is equal to the target move speed.

Character_Deceleration_Multiplier float: Default deceleration is 2m/s².

Character_Max_Speed_Multiplier float: Allows speed to reach up to this multiplied by the target move speed.