OpenMod is a spiritual successor to Rocket <doc_servers_rocket> developed by one of Rocket’s original maintainers. It has its own plugin framework, but supports compatibility with existing Rocket plugins by integrating with RocketMod and LDM.


Installing OpenMod Manually

  1. Download the latest from openmod repository.

  2. Copy the “OpenMod.Unturned” folder into the “Modules” folder inside the Unturned installation directory.

  3. Start your server. The first start will take a while since OpenMod will download its core components.

  4. Done! Now you can start installing plugins.


You can find open-source OpenMod plugins here.


RocketMod Compatibility

OpenMod can be installed side-by-side with RocketMod, so you can use both RocketMod and OpenMod without any issue. OpenMod does not aim to replace RocketMod but to work with it together instead.