Level Config

Each level is associated with an optional Config.json file. These files were originally added to make it easy to provide extra information about the level on the main menus, but grew over time to include gameplay parameters as well. In the future some of these might be moved to a more appropriate file like a level asset.

Arena Mode

Use_Arena_Compactor bool: Should circles be randomized periodically?

Arena_Loadouts: Array of items to grant when spawning into arena. Each entry has a Table_ID spawn table to generate from, and an Amount number of times to grant from spawn table. For example:

                "Table_ID": 28007,
                "Amount": 1
                "Table_ID": 28008,
                "Amount": 1


Asset: Object with GUID of Level Asset to instantiate on this map. For example:

"Asset": { "GUID": "12dc9fdbe9974022afd21158ad54b76a" }

Trains: Array of train vehicles to spawn. Only one of each train asset can exist at a given time because the vehicle ID is used to match saved trains to tracks. Road index can be seen by selecting a road in the level editor. Placement is normalized between the start and end of the track length. For example:

                "VehicleID": 187,
                "RoadIndex": 0,
                "Min_Spawn_Placement": 0.1,
                "Max_Spawn_Placement": 0.9

Mode_Config_Overrides: Pairs of server config properties and values to override them. For example:

        "Zombies.Min_Drops": 5,
        "Zombies.Max_Drops": 10,
        "Vehicles.Armor_Multiplier": 0.1,
        "Gameplay.Allow_Shoulder_Camera": false

Allow_Underwater_Features bool: Should legacy details and navigation bounds be restricted underwater?

Terrain_Snow_Sparkle bool: Should IS_SNOWING shader keyword be enabled?

Use_Legacy_Clip_Borders bool: Should invisible walls matching map size be created? Defaults to true.

Use_Legacy_Ground bool: Should default terrain be created? Alternative is to use devkit landscape tiles. Defaults to true.

Use_Legacy_Water bool: Should global water plane be enabled? Alternative is to use water volumes in devkit. Defaults to true.

Use_Vanilla_Bubbles bool: Should vanilla water bubble effects be enabled? Defaults to true.

Use_Legacy_Snow_Height bool: Should travelling vertically past snow height threshold enable snow effects? Defaults to true.

Use_Legacy_Oxygen_Height bool: Should travelling vertically past a certain point deplete oxygen? Defaults to true.

Use_Rain_Volumes bool: Should rain flag in ambiance volume be used?

Use_Snow_Volumes bool: Should snow flag in ambiance volume be used?

Use_Underground_Whitelist bool: Should underground players not inside a whitelist volume be teleported to the terrain surface? Useful to curb out-of-bounds exploits.

Is_Aurora_Borealis_Visible bool: Should aurora borealis effects be enabled?

Snow_Affects_Temperature bool: Should snow inflict cold damage?

Weather_Override ELevelWeatherOverride: Can be set to rain or snow to lock weather type.

Has_Atmosphere bool: If false, disable stars in skybox.

Has_Global_Electricity bool: Should all powerable items and objects have power by default?

Gravity float: Acceleration of gravity. Defaults to -9.81.

Blimp_Altitude float: Height override for blimp buoyancy. Defaults to 150.

Max_Walkable_Slope float: Steepest ground angle players can walk without sliding. Defaults to 59.

Prevent_Building_Near_Spawnpoint_Radius float: Closest distance players can build to spawn points. Useful to override for close-quarters maps. Defaults to 16.

Spawn_Loadouts: Array of items to grant when spawning in any mode. Refer to Arena_Loadouts.

Allow_Holiday_Redirects bool: Whether certain assets like objects, trees and landscapes should load alternative versions during holiday events.


Disable various elements of the heads-up display.

PlayerUI_HealthVisible bool

PlayerUI_FoodVisible bool

PlayerUI_WaterVisible bool

PlayerUI_VirusVisible bool

PlayerUI_StaminaVisible bool

PlayerUI_OxygenVisible bool

PlayerUI_GunVisible bool

Allow_Crafting bool

Allow_Skills bool

Allow_Information bool


Can_Use_Bundles bool: Used in the past for timed curated maps to disable using their assets in the level editor which could break after moving the map from the vanilla content to the workshop.

Category ESingleplayerMapCategory: Mostly automated now. Can be set to Misc to explicitly show in the miscellaneous map category.

Has_Discord_Rich_Presence bool: Only valid for official maps. If discord integration is enabled and this flag is true discord will check for a map icon configured in their partner page.

Item int: Kept for backwards compatibility. Ignored if Associated_Stockpile_Items are set.

Load_From_Resources bool: Used in the past for curated maps with assets in the vanilla Resources/Bundles/* directory. Master Bundles completely replaced this.

Should_Verify_Objects_Hash bool: With the newer asset integrity checks this is obsolete because each object/tree used in the level is checked with the server, and ignored if the server is missing the asset. Trees.dat and Objects.dat can always be included because missing assets do not factor into those hashes anymore.

Use_Legacy_Fog_Height bool: Should default terrain height be used for fog falloff? If false, devkit landscape tile limits are used instead. Defaults to true.

Use_Legacy_Objects bool: Should objects be loaded from Objects.dat file? Devkit objects were moved into this file, so this option no longer has any effect.