SDG maintains a fork of Rocket called the Legally Distinct Missile (or LDM) after the resignation of its original community team. Using this fork is recommended because it preserves compatibility, and has fixes for important legacy Rocket issues like multithreading exceptions and teleportation exploits.


The dedicated server includes the latest version, so an external download is not necessary: 1. Copy the Rocket.Unturned module from the game’s Extras directory. 2. Paste it into the game’s Modules directory.


Browse the source code for the maintained version: Legally Distinct Missile Repository.

fr34kyn01535 has listed all of the original plugins in a post to the /r/RocketMod subreddit: List of plugins from the old repository.

Following closure of the original forum the recommended sites for developer discussion are the /r/UnturnedLDM subreddit, SDG Forum, or the Steam Discussions.

The RocketMod organization on GitHub hosts several related archived projects: RocketMod (Abandoned)


On the 20th of December 2019 Sven Mawby “fr34kyn01535” and Enes Sadık Özbek “Trojaner” officially ceased maintenance of Rocket. They kindly released the source code under the MIT license. Read their full farewell statement here.

Following their resignation SDG forked the repository to continue maintenance in sync with the game.

On the 2nd of June 2020 fr34kyn01535 requested the fork be rebranded to help distance himself from the project.