Level Assets

Each map can be associated with a Level Asset. These assets contain gameplay information not necessary for the main menus. Refer to Level Config for information on linking a level asset to a map.

For examples check the Assets/Levels directory.

Type string: SDG.Unturned.LevelAsset

Dropship Master Bundle Pointer: Overrides the model seen flying over the map when a care package is dropped.

Airdrop Asset Pointer: Asset pointer to an Airdrop Asset. Overrides the falling care package model.

Crafting_Blacklists array of Asset Pointers: Asset pointers to Crafting Blacklist(s). Prevents specific items or blueprints from being used while crafting in the level.

Min_Stealth_Radius float: Player stealth skill level cannot reduce minimum detection distance below this value.

Weather_Types array: Determines which weather can occur naturally. Refer to schedulable weather properties. If weather is using legacy weather the default rain and snow will be included.

Perpetual_Weather_Asset Asset Pointer: Asset pointer to a Weather Asset. Overrides weather scheduling.

Global_Weather_Mask u32 Mask: Fallback weather mask while player is not inside an ambience volume. Defaults to 0xFFFFFFFF.

Skills array: Overrides skill default and max levels. Refer to skill rule properties.

Enable_Admin_Faster_Salvage_Duration bool: By default, players in singleplayer and admins in multiplayer have a faster salvage time.

Has_Clouds bool: Disables clouds in skybox when false. Defaults to true.

Loading_Screen_Music array: Randomly selected. Refer to music properties.

Should_Animate_Background_Image bool: If true, the background image moves left/right with loading progress. Defaults to false because maps have important information on the loading screen.

Schedulable Weather Properties

Asset Asset Pointer: Points to a Weather Asset.

Min_Frequency float: When chosen to be the next scheduled weather event, minimum number of in-game days before it will start.

Max_Frequency float: When chosen to be the next scheduled weather event, maximum number of in-game days before it will start.

Min_Duration float: Minimum number of in-game days before the weather event will end.

Max_Duration float: Maximum number of in-game days before the weather event will end.

Skill Rule Properties

Id string: Name of skill, for example Sharpshooter.

Default_Level int: Skill level when player spawns. Note server config Spawn_With_Max_Skills takes priority.

Max_Unlockable_Level int: Maximum skill level attainable through gameplay. Higher levels are hidden in the skills menu.

Cost_Multiplier float: multiplier for XP upgrade cost.

Music Properties

Loop Master Bundle Pointer: looping audio clip played until loading finishes.

Outro Master Bundle Pointer: audio clip played once loading finishes.