Game Server Login Tokens

Beginning in version Unturned dedicated servers can be authenticated using a Game Server Login Token or GSLT. After version anonymous servers (without GSLT) are hidden from the internet server list.

An additional benefit of using GSLTs is the automatic transfer of favorites and history if the server address changes. This should happen within approximately 24 hours. (Verified in issue #3980 and on AlliedModders, thanks to CyberAndrii and joeymisfit.)

Creating GSLTs

You can manually create GSLTs while logged in with your Steam account here:

Use Unturned’s app ID 304930, and a memo to remind you which server the token is for.

Unturned Configuration

The GSLT can be set in one of two places depending on your preference:

  • With the Login_Token property in each server’s Config.json file under the Browser section.


  • Using the GSLT command during startup. This can be specified in the Commands.dat file or on the command-line.

Automating GSLTs

Valve provides an IGameServersService web API for managing GSLTs. Consult their documentation here: