Barricade Assets

Barricades can be placed by players.

This inherits the PlaceableAsset class.

Item Asset Properties

GUID 32-digit hexadecimal: Refer to GUID documentation.

Type enum (Barricade): When intending to use a child class, refer to that class’s documentation instead for the proper enumerator to use.

Useable enum (Barricade)

Build enum (Barrel_Rain, Barricade, Barricade_Wall, Beacon, Bed, Cage, Campfire, Charge, Claim, Clock, Door, Farm, Fortification, Freeform, Gate, Generator, Glass, Hatch, Ladder, Library, Mannequin, Note, Oil, Oven, Oxygenator, Safezone, Sentry_Freeform, Sentry, Shutter, Sign_Wall, Sign, Spike, Spot, Stereo, Storage_Wall, Storage, Tank, Torch, Vehicle, Wire): Some values may not function properly without using a child class instead. When intending to use a child class, refer to that class’s documentation instead for the proper enumerator to use.

ID uint16: Must be a unique identifier.

InventoryAudio Master Bundle Pointer: See ItemAsset for full documentation. Defaults to Sounds/Inventory/Seeds.asset if the name contains the word “Seed”, to Sounds/Inventory/SmallMetal.asset if the name contains the word “Metal”, to Sounds/Inventory/LightMetalEquipment.asset if either Size_X or Size_Y value is equal to 1, to Sounds/Inventory/MediumMetalEquipment.asset if either Size_X or Size_Y value is less than or equal to 2, or Sounds/Inventory/HeavyMetalEquipment.asset if none of the criteria is met.

Barricade Asset Properties

Allow_Collision_While_Animating bool: Whether or not animated interactables should have collision during their animation. If true, animated colliders are enabled while playing the animation even when a player is overlapping. Be wary when enabling this, as it can allow for physics-based exploits such as those involving doors. Defaults to false.

Allow_Placement_Inside_Clip_Volumes bool: If true, the barricade can be placed inside of player clip volumes. Defaults to false, except when using Build Charge.

Allow_Placement_On_Vehicle bool: If true, this barricade can be placed on vehicles. Defaults to true, except when using Build Bed, Build Sentry, or Build Sentry_Freeform.

Armor_Tier enum (Low, High): Barricade armor can either be low-tier or high-tier. Defaults to low-tier, except when the barricade’s name contains the word “Metal”. By default, barricades with low-tier armor take 100% of the damage they receive, while barricades with high-tier armor take 50% of the damage they receive. These multipliers can be configured in the gameplay config.

Bypass_Claim flag: Can be placed inside someone else’s claimed area.

Bypass_Pickup_Ownership bool: If true, non-owners of the placed barricade can pick it up. Defaults to false, except when using Build Charge.

Can_Be_Damaged bool: If true, this barricade can be damaged. Defaults to true.

Eligible_For_Pooling bool: If true, this barricade is eligible for object pooling. Some barricades may not reset properly when pooling is enabled. Defaults to true, except when using Build Beacon.

Explosion GUID or uint16: GUID or legacy ID of EffectAsset to play when destroyed. When using Build Vehicle, this is instead the GUID or legacy ID of the vehicle that should be spawned.

Has_Clip_Prefab bool: Whether or not the barricade has a Clip.prefab. If the barricade should use the same prefab on the server as on the client, set to false. For example, most official content uses Has_Clip_Prefab false. Defaults to true.

Health uint16: Total health value. Defaults to 0.

Locked flag: Only the placed barricade’s owner(s) can interact with it.

Offset float: In meters, the distance above the ground the barricade is placed.

PlacementAudioClip Master Bundle Pointer: AudioClip to play when the barricade is placed.

PlacementPreviewPrefab Master Bundle Pointer: Overrides the placement preview model spawned when this item is held.

Proof_Explosion flag: Immune to area-of-effect explosive damage.

Radius float: In meters, the radius around the barricade the must be clear in order for it to be placeable.

Range float: In meters, the maximum distance away the barricade can be placed from the player.

Salvage_Duration_Multiplier float: Multiplier on how long it takes to salvage this barricade. Setting this to a larger number will cause salvaging to take longer. Defaults to 1.

Unpickupable flag: Disables the ability to pick up a placed barricade. For example, the Horde Beacon uses this flag.

Unrepairable flag: Cannot be repaired by a MeleeAsset with the Repair flag. For example, the Blowtorch would not be able to repair this barricade.

Unsalvageable flag: Salvaging a damaged barricade yields no partial resources. For example, small glass plates use this flag.

Unsaveable flag: This barricade is excluded from being saved. For example, carepackages use this flag.

Use_Water_Height_Transparent_Sort flag: Useful for transparent barricades, such as glass.

Vulnerable flag: The barricade can be damaged by lower-power weapons that do not have the Invulnerable flag.