Melee Assets

Melee weapons can be used as a source of damage. Melee weapons always show quality.

This inherits the WeaponAsset class.

Item Asset Properties

GUID 32-digit hexadecimal: Refer to GUID documentation.

Type enum (Melee)

Useable enum (Melee)

Slot ESlotType (None, Primary, Secondary, Any): Most melee weapons, including vanilla items, use Secondary. This allows the weapon to be used from either the character’s primary or secondary slot.

ID uint16: Must be a unique identifier.

Melee Asset Properties

Alert_Radius float: The radius where zombies and animals should be alerted when attacking, measured in meters. Defaults to 8.

AttackAudioClip Master Bundle Pointer: AudioClip to play when attacking.

ImpactAudioDef Master Bundle Pointer: AudioClip or OneShotAudioDefinition to play upon impact.

Light flag: Provides a toggleable flashlight, and allows for using PlayerSpotLightConfig properties.

Repair flag: Repairs barricades, structures, and vehicles.

Repeated flag: The melee weapon’s strong attack is disabled, and its weak attack will deal damage continuously.

Stamina byte: Amount of stamina depleted with each attack. Defaults to 0.

Strength float: Multiplier on the damage dealt by strong attacks.

Strong float: Multiplier for the strong attack animation length, for when to apply damage. Defaults to 0.33.

Weak float: Multiplier for the weak attack animation length, for when to apply damage. Defaults to 0.5.