Tool Assets

Tools are a type of useable. The specific function of a tool significantly depends on the Useable property.

This inherits the ItemAsset class.

Item Asset Properties

GUID 32-digit hexadecimal: Refer to GUID documentation.

Type enum (Tool): When intending to use a child class, refer to that class’s documentation instead for the proper enumerator to use.

Useable enum (Carjack, Carlockpick, Housing_Planner, Walkie_Talkie): When using the Carjack enumerator, the tool can be used on vehicles to launch them upwards into the air. When using Carlockpick, the tool can be used once on any locked vehicle in order to forcefully unlock it. When using Housing_Planner, the tool can be used to quickly access structure pieces from the player’s own inventory. When using Walkie_Talkie, the tool can be used to have long-distance voice chat communications with other players.

ID uint16: Must be a unique identifier.

Tool Asset Properties

Tools have no unique asset properties. Instead, refer to Useable for relevant configuration options. Refer to parent classes for additional properties.