Shirt Assets

Shirts can be worn by players and zombies.

This inherits the BagAsset class.

Item Asset Properties

GUID 32-digit hexadecimal: Refer to GUID documentation.

Type enum (Shirt)

Useable enum (Clothing)

ID uint16: Must be a unique identifier.

Shirt Asset Properties

Ignore_Hand flag: Specified if shirt should ignore a player’s left-handed setting.

Body Mesh Replacements

For the full documentation, refer to the Character Mesh Replacement documentation.

Has_1P_Character_Mesh_Override bool: A prefab named “Character_Mesh_1P_Override_0” should be loaded. Defaults to false.

Character_Mesh_3P_Override_LODs uint16: Number of prefabs to load for each LOD index. Defaults to 0.

Has_Character_Material_Override bool: A material named “Character_Material_Override” should be loaded to replace the first-person and third-person mesh materials. Defaults to false.